What Is AI – Machine Learning Examples In 2018

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What Is AI – Machine Learning Examples In 2018

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Before reading about the machine learning examples you need to know what is AI actually. In this article, we will break down all of your questions and curiosity about AI, which is the recent trendy talk in everybody’s mouth.

However, what is AI? Alternatively Artificial Intelligent.

Simply, AI is one kind of machine or robot, which is the simulation or works like a human brain. This simulation process also includes learning and self-correction. Some of the application of AI include speech recognition and machine vision.

How is Ai and machine learning relevant? Actually, both are similar in terms. AI comes from machine learning. The brain or output of the mart machines and applications is called AI (Artificial Intelligent).


The field of machine learning is huge. To know it properly you need to know it’s field and uses. So let’s begin to read:


Types Of Machine Learning

If we have to talk about the types of machine learning, we need to talk about the only three types: Supervised, Unsupervised, and reinforcement.

Supervised Machine Learning: This types of machine learning are generally task driven like classification, regression.

Unsupervised Machine Learning: This types of machine learning is for data driven by clustering, filtering, data analysis.

Reinforcement Machine Learning: This types of machine learning is designed with such an algorithm which gradually learns to react to any environment.


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Let’s talk about some real-life examples of machine learning below:


Everyday Used (Real Life) Machine Learning Examples


Image Recognition: One of the most used fields of machine learning. Mobile companies are now using face detection in their flagship phones. Besides, with machine learning, the machine can read your retina, can recognize the character.

Speech Recognition: Another widely used field of machine learning examples. The machine can now translate your language as well as can recognize your voice. In the speech recognition software, there are options like unlock password with your voice commands, can give you information through speech. With machine learning, AI can make calls, gather information, and convert speech to text for you. Google assistant and Cortana is a great example of it.

Medical Diagnosis: Machine learning is used in medical diagnosis also. With machine learning, a medical checkup is easy nowadays. For example, machine learning is being used to analyzing patient critical clinical condition, predicting disease and provides medical knowledge for research also. With AI of the machine learning, predictions are being accurate gradually.

Association with learning: With machine learning, you can have assistance in your studying and learning. Machine learning applications give you suggestion between 2 products, can identify products and learning the material, can search information for you very fast and accurate. It also gives business owners the user data about their interest in a specific product. With big data analysis, big giant companies are benefitted with sorted data for their surveys and marketing purposes.

Improves Tech Services: The AI features are now given a huge tech supports. Giant companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon can now provide services like accurate map location, products suggestion, friends and interest suggestion on Facebook, video suggestion on YouTube, Netflix etc.


Final Words

Today is now the world of AI in other words machine learning. With the above machine learning examples, you can now understand the importance of machine learning and how it is upgrading the world. We hope in near future AI will work completely like a human brain. But what if it really happens? Do you wish it to happen or not? Why not comment below to share your discussion? We are always here to have a talk with you.

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