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We have millions of our readers who read this site and get info about the latest tech, gadgets and fashion news. We also provide our readers with trendy fashion and gadgets product also. To collect the resources, we share on our website and to main the site, we need some affiliation with other websites/companies. So, we do have some affiliations with some websites and bestsellers around the market. But there will not any breaking of our privacy policy rules.



To improve the user experience, we need to collect the user personalized data. While browsing our site, you may be asked to input a few specific information about yourself on our website. In addition, you can withdraw that information anytime you want.

We collect your emails to send you our resources and contents updates. But you can unsubscribe that anytime.

We guarantee we do not sell any information or do not use customer’s information to anywhere. This site is maintained with the highly secured protocol so there are not any options for leaking any of our user’s information.

It should be mentioned that sometimes we share your personal information. And that will be only for legal and safety purposes. Don’t worry, we share all of your information acting with the requests of law and legal processes.



The information which is sent from your browser is collected by us to give you a better user experience. The information or data sent from your browser includes cookies and logs, your IP address, data of your browser, your visited pages on our site, and your time, date and location. Which helps us to provide you a smooth browsing experience while visiting your website.



We, TechTenfo do offer some of our services like various fashion and gadget product review, sell through affiliate links through other websites. But we keep your personal information on our website very securely and safely. We keep your information in accordance with our privacy policy. But keep in your mind that the websites we affiliate may have different privacy policies and we request you to check out their privacy policies if you want to be more concerned.



Our privacy policy can be changed at any time and we reserve this right. So it is recommended that check our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions frequently to get acknowledged the changes we make. If there will come any major changes in our website privacy policy, we will notify you through the email address you have provided to us or upload a message on our website.

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