How Technology Has Changed Our Lives In Business And Entertainment

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How Technology Has Changed Our Lives In Business And Entertainment

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You are in part 2 of how technology has changed our lives in 2018 | Old vs Modern. Read Part-1 from here. In this article series, we are trying to show you the changes occur during the revolution of technology. We have tried to show you how we lead our lives in the old times and now in the 21st century.

Well, from the first part you have read 5 changes technology has brought to our modern life. Now we are going to write another 5 changes technology has changed our lives.


How Technology Has Changed Our Lives In Our Economic System


The Good: Now is the time for cashless payment. We, now, do not need to carry money nowadays. We also do not need to go to banks to withdraw our money or to transfer money to someone. We can have now access to our bank accounts via online and can make payment, transfer fund.

Our salaries are also transferred into our bank account via online and we can have debit, credit card to use it for online shopping, make any payment without carrying any cash money.

The Bad: It makes easy, right? But it cannot bring good to us all the time. With is cashless technology, cybercrime, debit, credit card hacking, money laundering, a threat to personal data arises. Every government is trying hard to control it, track it. But how far they have gone actually? Just question yourself.


How Technology Has Changed Our Lives In Entertainment and Recreation


The Good: We have now lots of entertainment and recreation opportunities which gives us go beyond our limits. We can now go everywhere we want through virtual simulation, can enjoy any TV program or series anytime from anywhere in the world. Even if you missed a program, you can rewind it or watch that later on any server or YouTube. We have now YouTube to watch millions of videos throughout the world.

The Bad: Music and movie industries has changed now. We cannot have the old classic music with lovely voices of legend. Most of the songs are now with robotic effect or digital instrumental based. In movies, there are 90% visual effects. We hardly have seen natural scenes in movies nowadays.

But let me ask you a question. When did you last visit your grandma? Or had visited outside, walked on your neighborhood, do gossip with them, or had a tour with your friends? Tough to remember, right? In this digital entertainment, we have lost our natural life, we are being like a robot and going far away from our social and family life. Do you really want this types of entertainment?


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How Technology Has Changed Our Business System And Procedure


The Good: With the modern technology our business has changed totally. We now our businesses are tech-based and we like to do it virtually. Much online business and virtual office have arisen and it saves peoples time and effort. We can now do our office from home, communicate virtually, share business ideas and make business big through an online platform. It really gives us easy money with less effort.

The Bad: With the blessings of technology in the business field, it arises unemployment problem throughout the world. Businessmen are want to make more profit in less time and fewer humans. Thus they are tending online employment. Competition has been arising rapidly and people are becoming more frustrated.


Final Words

This is how technology has changed our lives and it is changing day by day. With blessings or not, technology is running at its own speed. What we can do is to stick with the pace of tech and make ourselves upgrade. But do not forget your own yourself. Do not forget the nature. At the end, nature is the main thing we should try to keep pace with it. Hope we all can be aware of disadvantages of technology.

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