How Technology Has Changed Our Lives | Old Vs Modern life

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Over the few decades technology has been updating and now we are amazed how technology has changed our lives. Our lives have really changed but do we care about this?  Or do you even think that how your life has been changed from the life your father or grandfather had spent? You may wonder after reading the things below:


How Technology Has Changed Our Lives In Communication

Today we can reach and contact people all over the world within a second. A few decades ago it takes time and sometimes impossible to reach and contact the people who were far from you. Technology brings computer, internet, mobile, video streaming and online chat tools to communicate whenever you want.


The Good: The communication tools and ways make easy to keep communication with our dear ones. It also helps us to keep the business communication for work purpose as well. We can now know what is happening all over the world through the internet and the mobile gadgets.


The Bad: By these types of communication we are being like a robot and unsocial. We have become too lazy to meet with our dear ones in real. Sometimes, people get into a fake relationship in online and ended up with security threat and frustration.


How Technology Has Changed Our Lives In Medical Field

Technology has increased pace in life and we have more health care than in past. But is it all about the good? Let’s see below:


The Good: We have now advanced medicine and medical instruments to get better health treatment. Doctors can see what is happening, or what’s the problem of the patient’s body with the help of advanced medical instruments. Thus, medical treatments become easy and effective.


The Bad: We are now surrounded with lots of tech gadgets and devices which is very dangerous for our health like, lack of eyesight, hearing problem for wearing headphones, gain excessive wait for sitting idle, watching TV and work on computer etc. This causes health issues and then medicine business arises.


“We earn to pay for using technology, get sick, go for better medical care with full of technology, buy medicine, and work more to earn more money. That’s the life circle we get from modern technology!”


How Technology Has Changed Our Lives In Society

Do really have social like before? It seems technology has snitched the relationship with our neighbors and relatives. We hardly go out for a walk, talk with people. But does technology has only the bad impact on our lives? Maybe not.


The good: With modern technology, farmers can grow more crops and produce foods. It also makes the transportation effective and easy. For that today we can have better goods and services from anywhere in of the world.

Technology also improves media and thus we can know and learn about the other country’s culture, we can see be social, can make foreign friends over the online.


The Bad: Drug, social media fraud, adult influence on teenagers, fake people – these all are the causes of modern technology. There are more bad influences in society for misuse of the internet. Teenagers now do not know proper good behavior. They do not do any social activities. We do not like to have a much social connection. For this, we are now ending up with loneliness and frustration.


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How Technology Has Changed Our Lives In Education

Education system all over the world has been changed for modern technology. Our education is now flexible and more informative. But technology does not have all the blessings in education. It has some demerits too. Check below:


The Good: We are now able to get an education and learn new things from online easily. We easily get data and others educational resources by some click on internet web pages. There also rises online schools where we can attend online classes at home.


The Bad: For lots of educational resources over the internet, there rise copyright issues. Students are now copying study materials in their assignments, do not study hard or research. Thus there arises a threat of lack of innovations in today’s student.


How Technology Has Changed Our Lives In Human Psychology

We think less, work less. We want all of our works done with the tech gadgets and AI (Artificial Intelligent). People now get busy with taking selfies and posting social media. Teenagers are now wasting their time a lot on the internet and social media. They do not want to see the real world. They do not want to think a lot. They take all the blessings of technology as ‘take for granted’. Thus how technology has changed our lives and our thinking ways.


I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.

-Albert Einstein


There are more things that have changed in our life for the modern technology.

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