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Technology is a blessing but we have made us not worthy to use it all the time. We misuse the blessings of technology and become idle day by day. So it is needed to remind the disadvantages of technology for our own good.

Check below to know the most dangerous disadvantages of technology in our modern life.


1. Disadvantages of Technology – Lack Social Communication and Activities

We are being like a machine nowadays. You have to work like a machine with no emotion. We work on our computer, check news from the internet, even talk with our buddies and relative on social media. This really makes us think like a machine, behave like a robot.

By using the digital gadgets and communication through the internet we forget that we have a social life and need to keep communication with people in real. But technology makes this easy that we do not think that it is important to be real, communicate in real.


2. Disadvantages of Technology – Complexity

With the variations of technology features, we confuse what to use, when to use. We waste lots of our valuable time in searching of that.

Moreover, day by day we more rely on the devices and machines. But machines do not provide correct work all the time. For this, we face an error often in our work and we have to do that work again. This creates really a complex situation in our everyday life.


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3. Disadvantages of Technology – Crime And Terrorism

Technology has spread now in large scale and often it is hard to control. Over the internet there arises crime and terrorism. Terrorists or bad people have the opportunity to promote themselves over the internet and can sell their illegal product like drug, weapon, porn etc.

People with psychiatric disorder use chat rooms and other sources to exchange photos, videos and most importantly: information.


“We have become a people unable to comprehend the technology we invent.”

— Association Of American Colleges, Report, Integrity in the College Curriculum (Feb 1985).


4. Disadvantages of Technology – Privacy And Data Security

Modern Technology means a vast amount of data sending and receiving. It is always difficult to keep data safe and keep the track of every data. With the upgrade of technology, privacy data security is now in a threat to all companies and individual.

Data theft seriously a big issue in modern life privacy. Your personal photos, videos, and data can be theft and used to manipulate you. People are afraid of putting their information and photos on online to keep their privacy safe. But there is no option to get away for people in this modern technology. So, it is one of the big disadvantages of technology in modern life.


5. Disadvantages of Technology – Addiction In The Internet

People are spending more of their time in their browser and social media. This causes wasting their valuable time and makes them ineffective. Just calculate, how many hours you spend on your digital screen, websites and social media. You will be surprised. Thus this modern technology kills our valuable time and makes us idle.


These are the most dangerous disadvantages of technology in this modern life. This disadvantages can destroy your life gradually.

But keep it in your mind that nothing in this world is fully good. Everything has its good and bad sides both. It’s up to you which side you take.


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