Best Smartwatches to Buy in 2019 — The Top Pick List

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  Many fitness trackers are now combined with smartwatches and thus we have now more fitness features just on our wrists. Smartwatches now are not only for receiving your smartphone notifications; it is now more than that. So, what are the best smartwatches to buy in 2019? See our top pick

What is Fashion Tech? Ultimate Guide To Be A fashion Tech Trendy

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What is fashion tech actually? Fashion tech is a combination of technology with trend and fashion. People nowadays are like to use the gadgets as their fashion and tech companies are also introducing new fashion tech products. Also, companies are implementing new tech in fashion products. It indicates the

What Is AI – Machine Learning Examples In 2018

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Before reading about the machine learning examples you need to know what is AI actually. In this article, we will break down all of your questions and curiosity about AI, which is the recent trendy talk in everybody’s mouth. However, what is AI? Alternatively Artificial Intelligent. Simply, AI is

How Technology Has Changed Our Lives In Business And Entertainment

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You are in part 2 of how technology has changed our lives in 2018 | Old vs Modern. Read Part-1 from here. In this article series, we are trying to show you the changes occur during the revolution of technology. We have tried to show you how we lead our

5 Advantages Of Tech That Take Us Beyond Our Dream

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We are living in plenty of advantages of tech which take us beyond our dream. We can do now with the help of technologies which we could not dream. It’s not like technology has made our dream true. It takes us beyond our dream and gives us no limit.

Disadvantages of Technology in Modern Life | TechTenfo Research

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Technology is a blessing but we have made us not worthy to use it all the time. We misuse the blessings of technology and become idle day by day. So it is needed to remind the disadvantages of technology for our own good. Check below to know the most

How Technology Has Changed Our Lives | Old Vs Modern life

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Over the few decades technology has been updating and now we are amazed how technology has changed our lives. Our lives have really changed but do we care about this?  Or do you even think that how your life has been changed from the life your father or grandfather

Benefits Of Playing Video Games Your Parents Should Know

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You have heard a lot of shouting from your parents not to play video games. So, you may wonder today are there really any benefits of playing video games! Yeah, we are telling you this surprising thing today which you can show your parents to get rid of their